Schiltz - Reading Workshop

Description: You'll hear 10 minute mini-lesson to prep kids for celebration project. It's pretty wide-open. Would you come and hang around, so that if kids would like to ask you about using an app you can show them or recommend certain apps? I'm going to list just a few possibilities for sharing their research, including: Making a poster, pamphlet, google slides, You-tube like public service announcement, speech, etc.

I'm anticipating questions might be around using video or which apps can be used to present their info. Will be impromptu because every research group will have own ideas. Feel free to mingle, and be a consultant - giving your own mini-lesson to research groups (there are 6 of them) on how to use a resource that might help them meet their goal. Important the process/ideas are theirs - we will ask questions, encourage, and resource the teams when they need it.

Definitely process over product here. Focus is on their research process and preparing to share. Kids doing all their work. Any questions, let me know.
Room: 1. LRC - 1. Tech Facilitator
Start time: 12:40:00pm - Wednesday 27 February 2019
Duration: 50 minutes
End time: 01:30:00pm - Wednesday 27 February 2019
Type: Internal
Created by: gschiltz
Last updated: 10:45:03pm - Tuesday 26 February 2019
Repeat type: None
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