5th Grade students going to Attea

Description: Ginis and O'Malley are taking students to Attea on Thursday afternoon. We would like to give them a quiet place to eat lunch. Here is our list of possible students who will be attending:
Blair, Carter
Carillo, Miriam
Chapman, Tyler
Conant, Catesby
Goodman, Max
Ingles, Avery
Jachtorowycz, Thomas
Montalvo, Anna
Okomoto, Tony
Pedraza, Abraham
Prado, Alex
Sifuentes, Shanti
Room: 1. LRC - 4. Project Area
Start time: 11:30:00am - Thursday 24 May 2018
Duration: 20 minutes
End time: 11:50:00am - Thursday 24 May 2018
Type: Internal
Created by: eginis
Last updated: 09:43:47am - Wednesday 23 May 2018
Repeat type: None
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