Student Supports

Assistive Technology

At Pleasant Ridge, we are committed to supporting every students’ learning style and needs. Through the use of various modifications, we support students various learning needs to enhance their educational experience. Modifications range from low tech (pencil grips, raised lines on paper, large print text) to high tech (computers and specialized software). If you have questions about your child’s specific learning needs, please contact your child’s classroom teacher or Frank Rottman at

English Language Learning

English Language Learning Faculty: Emily Fifield ( and Abby Ortega (

English Language Learning services are provided for students who have significant exposure to other languages as they are raised. Students are provided support with developing vocabulary, linguistic concepts, and academic language proficiency.

What ELL services are available to students?
ELL services vary from student to student depending on their individual level of English language acquisition (their ability to listen, speak, read and write in English).

ELL Pull Out
ELL students who are NEP (Non-English Proficient) and LEP (Limited English Proficient) are eligible for pull out services that provide them with English language classes or reading/language arts and content area support.

ELL Push-In
ELL students with fluent oral skills and grade level reading skills are eligible for writing and content area support. NEP and LEP students may also receive push-in support in addition to their pull-out program.

How long will it take ELL students to acquire English?
This varies depending on the individual student, their previous instruction in English, and their level of literacy in their native language. It is realistic to expect that students will show year-to-year growth in learning English as a second language. Research shows that it may take from 5 to 7 years for ELLs to acquire the English language skills necessary to be at or above grade level.

Gifted Education

Glenview School District #34 provides  formalized gifted program in reading for students beginning in the second half of 3rd grade, 4th and 5th grades. The gifted program parallels our grade level reading program but provides unique learning concepts and skills meant to challenge students who qualify based on our school district’s standards. For more information, please check out Mrs. Pleszkun's website or the District 34 gifted education website. If you have any questions, please contact our gifted instructor, Mrs. Toby Pleszkun at

Response to Intervention

At Pleasant Ridge we are excited to provide systematic intervention support for our students throughout our academic program. We’ve used classroom data, NWEA assessment data and curriculum based measures to identify students’ various levels of need for reading and math support. Based on student need, we have tiered our resources to match the level and intensity of student need. Student’s will be matched to daily reading and math instruction based on their identified need. Student’s progress will be monitored to determine if the reading and math support they are receiving is meeting their instructional needs.

Student Support Administrator

Nancy Brown is the Student Support Administrator for Lyon and Pleasant Ridge schools. Her role is to support families, staff, and students with special needs. Mrs. Brown attends student problem solving meetings as well as student IEP meetings. She is a resource to both families and staff who work with students with unique learning needs.  If you have any questions, you can reach Nancy Brown at

Student Associates

Student associates play several roles at Pleasant Ridge. Student associates are assigned to particular students or classrooms based on identified needs. Associates support students in their classroom to enhance their learning experience. Associates move with students throughout the school day based on their level of identified support. Recess supervision is another important role of associates. They are available to all students during recess to support them in staying safe and problem solving when necessary.

Special Education

Pleasant Ridge is committed to improving the educational experience of students identified with special needs. Various supports are provided, per a child’s IEP (Individualized Education Program) to meet their specified educational goals. Progress on goals are updated on a tri-annual basis, along with student report cards. For more information on special education, please contact Nancy Brown at