Goals & School Improvement

District Goals and Mission

Strategic Plan - Executive Summary
The District's strategic plan, a guide map for the school system to reach its preferred future, was created with input from more than 600 staff members, parents and community members. It was adopted by the Board of Education in January of 2012. The plan includes a vision, mission, goals, objectives and strategies.

All learners will develop and apply the skills necessary to thrive in an interconnected and dynamic world society.

All educators will facilitate purposeful and authentic learning experiences in partnership with families and community.

Success will be determined by our effectiveness in developing students who are:
• Self-directed learners committed to continuous growth and improvement
• Responsible decision makers, resilient thinkers, and creative problem solvers
• Citizens of character who contribute to their community and embrace diversity

To empower children to be self-directed learners and responsible decision makers.

School Improvement Plan

Each year at Pleasant Ridge, we review our School Improvement Plan and prioritize goals for the following school year. The plan reflects both educational and climate goals. The student achievement team discusses, plans, and articulates goals for student development and growth, which are reflected in our School Improvement Plan.