School Culture


The Ginny Bates Peppel Award
In 2004 a “scholarship award” was created in memory of, Virginia Bates Peppel. Ginny taught at Pleasant Ridge for 18 years before her retirement in 2002. This award was created to recognize and celebrate the importance of character in all of our lives. Ginny always went the “extra mile” for her students, encouraging them, everyday, to become “persons of character”.

We ask, in May, for every homeroom teacher to nominate two students in their classroom who demonstrate the ideals of Character Counts on a daily basis, these are usually students that are not usually recognized. Those students nominated will be honored at a special assembly on the last day of school. Three names (one each grade level) will be chosen, randomly, and those students will be presented with a 100.00 savings bond and key chain in memory of Mrs. Peppel.

  • Nominees are students who consistently exhibit the Character Counts traits: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. 
  • Each homeroom nominates 1 boy and 1 girl 
  • Fine Arts teachers review nominations 
  • Nominees receive certificates 
  • Nominee’s names are drawn randomly, one from each grade level 
  • Three 100.00 savings bonds and keychain are awarded 
  • Names are engraved on plaque for display 

The Fish! Award
The Fish! award is given by the Encore team to the student who best demonstrates the four Fish! components (Play, Be There, Make Their Day, Choose Your Attitude) in the curricular areas of Art, Drama, Music, Physical Education, Technology, and Library. This award is given on an annual basis.


Bullying is an issue that becomes prevalent in grades 3-5. Students are more socially aware of each others actions and develop perceptions about others. At times, children act in inappropriate manners, developing relationships based on inappropriate levels of power rather than shared interests and experiences. As a result, we as a school work to teach skills to parents, students, classroom teachers, support staff, and bus drivers in order to help students overcome these inappropriate relationships and develop healthy relationships. Classroom meetings are held frequently with classroom teachers and social workers to develop these skills utilizing the FISH! program and the Life Skills Curriculum. Training is provided to all staff as well as parents through our PTA.
Below you can download two power points of the information shared with parents at the PTA meeting. For more information, please contact either Frank Rottman, or Eva Ginis,

Bullying Prevention Powerpoint
PTA Teasing Powerpoint
Bullying, Teasing, and Innapproriate Social Behaviors Handout


The Lyon and Pleasant Ridge Schools share school newsletter. You will find information on upcoming events or various happenings in the school. A formal full newsletter comes at the beginning of each month with a two-page update that comes in the middle of the month. Please check in throughout the school year to view new editions. The newsletter is found online at our school website under the Pleasant Ridge Review.

Social Emotional Learning

All classrooms at Pleasant Ridge participate in a weekly classroom meeting. Some of these sessions are facilitated by our building social worker, and some are led by the students classroom teacher. Class meetings are designed around the district life skills curriculum and the Fish! Philosophy.

Pleasant Ridge has support personnel trained to assist students. Eva Ginis is our school social worker, she can be reached at