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Encore Conference times

In addition to scheduled conferences during the day on Friday, March 2nd, Encore teachers will be available at the following dates and times:

  • DeWanna Adesuyi-Dada- ( Feb 27-Feb 29, 2:30-3:30pm)
  • Elissa Astorino- February 26- March 5 from 7:30-8:00 am
  • Rachel Atlas- Thursday, March 1st, 2:30-3:30pm
  • Pat Hoeft, Alex Przekurat and Troy Cutler - (Feb 27th-March 1st, 7am-8am)
  • Katie Konieczka-Thursday, March 1-2:30-5:30pm
  • Esther Storrie- Monday, 2/26 from 2:30-4:00pm & Wednesday, 2/28 from 2:30-4:00pm
  • Mike Collins-Dowden- Thursday, March 1, Monday, March 5, Tuesday, March 6 from 7:00-8:00am
Illinois Text Messaging and Cell Phone Laws
In school zones, it is a statewide law that unless the vehicle is parked in a parking space, or a handsfree device is used, drivers may not operate cell phones. This applies to buses as well as any other vehicles operating within the school zone. Fines for violation of Illinois cell phone law start at $75. Illinoisʼs cell phone and texting laws are considered “primary” laws. A primary law means that an officer can pull you over for the offense without having to witness some other violation. PLEASE DO NOT TALK OR TEXT IN THE PLEASANT RIDGE SCHOOL ZONE. IT IS FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR STUDENTS.